Established 2004

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society is a society of ghost believers, ghost hunters, and ghost researchers that has a free membership to anyone anywhere. We are dedicated and committed to the research, documentation, education, and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded through EVP, digital, film and video photography. We are based in the Chicagoland area and conduct the majority of our investigations in the Midwest, but we do have members throughout the United Sates and in several countries around the world. Membership and investigations are always free. The WCGHS is a nonprofit organization  for people to provide an open forum of ideas for those individuals seeking information regarding Paranormal Activity, more specifically, Ghosts.  I, as well as many others interested in these strange and exciting phenomena, have banded together to study these occurrences and help others in any way possible to understand what is happening,  and make available to those with concerns, resources that may be of assistance to them. Our goal is to unite individuals into a community wherein together we may "shine light" into stories and myths of our area. Old and new phenomena will be researched and investigated with rational logic and an open mind. Anyone is encouraged to join and contribute to our research and/or investigations (even non-Illinois residents).  We have a large list of paranormal terms, ghost stories, ghost pictures and EVPs.

     We offer home and business investigations free of charge and maintain privacy to all those individuals requesting our help. We do not only do investigations in the area, but all over the United States.  The important thing to know is that any investigation done by the Will County Ghost Hunters Society is always free!!



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